Tiếng Anh 3


          Lesson 3(1,2,3)   

I Aims

By the end of the lesson Ps  will be able to: ask and answer questions about pets and the location of pets. Pronounce the sounds in the letters /  /, /  / correctly .

- Develop Ss writing and listening skills

 Language focus:

- Sentence Partners:

- Vocabulary:

II. Teaching aids:

1. Teacher’s: student’s and teacher’s book, pictures, cassette.

2. Students’: books, notebooks, workbooks.

III. Procedure: (40’)




I.Warm up: (5’)


II. New lesson: (30’)

1. Listen and repeat

Ss listen to the tape and repeat.















2. Listen and write

Ss listen to the tape and complete the sentences.












3.   Let’s chant

Ss listen to the tape and repeat the chant.






III. Projects: (5’)


I.Warm up: (5’)

Sing the song: Do you have any pets?

II. New lesson: (30’)

1. Listen and repeat

Play the CD and have Ps repeat each line of the chant. Then change the role.

Focus Ps’ attention on the letters colored differently in the words dog and parrot

-Introduce the sounds // and /  /                              

-Have Ps practice the sounds carefully

-Play the CD and have Ps read the chant in chorus.

-Ask Ps to give which sounds in Vietnamese are similar to, and then have Ps read words after you

 + Ask some pairs to ask and answer.

+ Have Ps recite the chant and clap the syllable to reinforce their pronunciation.

2. Listen and write

- Have pupils look at the sentences and guess the suitable words to fill in the blank.

- Play the recording 2 times pupils to listen and fill the blanks. Check their guess. Compare the answer with the partner.      

- Play the recording again pupils check their answers. T give the answer:

- Have pupils act out the dialogue in pairs or groups for correction.

- Ask some questions to ensure pupils’ comprehension of the listening text.


3.   Let’s chant

- Introduce the Chant.

- Turn on the tape.

- Ps listen to the tape and repeat the chant.

- Ps chant in group and individual.

-The Ps chant and do the action.

- Teacher reinforce their pronunciation.

III. Projects: (5’)

Summary the lesson.

-  Do exercises in workbook, learn by heart the new words


Sing the song



Look at the pictures in the book



Listen and repeat








Look at 2 sentences



Listen and fill in the blank














Ps listen to the tape and chant







Do exercises in the workbook

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